Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tyburn Farm, Stratford on Avon Canal

 SPLAT!  Passed this on the SoA this afternoon.

We are off!!!  A slight delay because it rained this morning, but that meant I got some extra washing done before we lost the electricity hook-up.

David got a bit wet on the way, but we managed not to get anything around the prop today.

Last night we went to the opera to see Madam Butterfly.  It seems that Lt Pinkerton of the US Navy is now a Sergeant in an Italian uniform and a bit overweight.  Madam Butterfly is supposed to be 15 years old too (not 50-odd).  Very off-putting, but I suppose you would have had to use your imagination when Pavarotti played him too.  The music was fabulous though, and I cried.

Last week it was Saima's birthday and she had a party.  This is the card I made for her.  I covered the front of a white card blank with green card, leaving a small white border.  I then added some white card to the top and patterned paper to the bottom of the green card, again leaving a border.  I wrapped some green ribbon around the panel to cover the join and tied it in a knot.  Two roses and a spray of yellow flowers with 3 leaves was tucked through the ribbon and stuck down with a glue dot to keep it in place.

To finish off I used three 3 gems in the bottom left hand corner.

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