Sunday, 10 March 2013

Radford Semele, Grand Union Canal

We had a visitor whilst working Hatton Bottom Lock.  This black cat stalked all around the lock and then waited on the other lock gate while I shut the near one so that it could come across.

After going to bed, last night, at 6.30 I had to be dragged out of bed this morning to finish off the flight.  The weather has certainly turned and it was trying to snow as we did the last 10 locks.

Whilst doing the bottom lock at The Cape, two scruffy boats moored up on the bottom lock landing.  There was a lot of shouting and a couple of kids running around, but no one showed any signs of coming up through the lock, or giving a hand.  So when we went through I shut the gate behind us.  When we came through last year there was a boat moored between the locks with a rabbit hutch just on the edge of the towpath.  There are a lot of boats around here that do not have a home mooring.

Stopped off at Tesco and thawed out with a Costa Black Forest hot chocolate.  Loverly.

After a rest and discovering that the telly wasn't too good, David decided to move on here.  Of course it started snowing again.

The Radford Semele church has been re-built, or at least the scaffolding has come down.  It was too cold when we moored up to take a picture.

Caroline sent a text to say "Happy Mother's Day".  I hadn't realised.  So here is a card.

I cut a panel of brown and pink swirly card (from a cake box!) and glued it on the right hand side of a pink, tent card blank.  I added 5 glass gems down the inner edge.

A pink silk lily flower was stuck down with a glue dot on the top left and corner and the sentiment was done with peel-offs.

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