Sunday, 2 September 2012

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

 Sorry, sorry, sorry.  Sort of had a block.  It's not as if nothing has been happening here.  Gas Street Moorings has been as busy and eventful as usual.

I will try and fill you in in future posts.  But this is what happened yesterday:

The Everton football team paid their second visit to us yesterday.  They didn't seem to like having their pictures taken, but then when you our out in "uniform" with all your minders around and having to go two by two like school children, I suppose it is a bit embarrassing.

Anyway, David's niece will be over the moon, again, with her second set of photos of all her heroes.


 The other amazing thing is the Rootless Forest.  An art installation - well, trees planted in a barge.
 It first arrived last week and I had such a surprise when I came over the bridge and saw these trees moving along the canal.

We also had a wedding on the moorings yesterday.  But not proper our proper paying moorers, they have tied up against the pub railings

I've just remember why I gave up on blogging.  The G3 connection has been rubbish recently.  I get half way through the blog, or email, or whatever and lose the connection.  So frustrating!

I may have had a block on blogging, but I have made a few cards over the last couple of months - though not that many now I come to think of it.

This one is using up some free stuff that I got with a magazine.  I matted some patterned paper onto green card and then onto a white card blank.

The topper was cut out and the dog decoupaged on to the inner circle.  Some pink ribbon was wrapped around the bottom and a sentiment stuck over the ribbon with a pink bow and two pink gems.

Two more pink gems were fixed in the top corners.

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