Sunday, 17 June 2012

Gas Street Basin, BCN

 Home!  At Last!  So nice to be back.  We had to move Cathy'n'co off the mooring first though.

Nothing much has changed, only three moorers not talking to us this time.  Don't know what we've done wrong, it happens every time we go away on a long cruise.

The washing machine is on, so I am catching up with the washing, and it's take-away tonight.

An ancient card which must have been made about 8 years ago.

I tore some white handmade paper and matted it onto some lilac card.  The edges of the card were cut with deckle edged scissors and I added glue to the edges and stuck on glitter.

The doll came from the £1 shop and was added using a dollop of glue and the heart was added to the bottom left hand corner.

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