Thursday, 24 May 2012

Woolhampton, Kennet and Avon Canal

 A frustrating day today.  We wanted to visit the Greenham Island services but they were late opening, so then we went on to B&Q and there was a boat on the pub mooring close by, so I had to wait and hold the boat in the current while David went to look for the10 extra metres of anchor chain which we need for the Pageant.  But they didn't have any.

We then followed a hire boat that kept leaving a paddle up on the bottom locks and then when we got here there was no room on the moorings, so we had to put a couple of spikes in and wait until someone left.

But saying all that.  It was a lovely day, hot and sunny, though a little humid.  There were cuckoos cuckooing, wild flowers, butterflies and dragonflies.  Tonight there are masses and masses of mayflies flying above the water.  Still no ducklings, baby coots or moorhens though.

And now for something completely different.  An oriental card.  We have several Chinese shops in Birmingham, but I think I bought this pendant in Chester.  I made a gold panel, adding a corner of origami paper to the bottom left hand side and strip of gold card on the bottom left hand side.  I matted the pendant onto a small piece of copper card and stuck that down onto the gold panel.  The panel was then stuck onto a long white card blank.

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