Friday, 25 May 2012


 Arrived at Tyle Mill for a pumpout and some water to discover this sign on the temporary water point.  Looks like a busybody  going over the top a bit. Someone has added the lines "Presumably this applies to washing boats.  Drinking water is freely available."  Surely, if we had a bucket, getting a bucket load of water down the 2" hole into the water tank would waste more water than if we used a hosepipe?

At least the pumpout was working.

Several of the locks around here have this sign on the top gate.

I see what they mean!

Fobney Lock landing was quite gentle today.  Don't know what all the fuss is about.

And County Lock when full was at the level that it was empty when we were stuck there three weeks ago.

The next test.  Get the boat up to the traffic light without crushing the two boys hanging off the landing stage.

They did get out, and I asked one of them to press the button.  Sorted!

Blakes Wharf was a welcome sight after a long, hot day and then it was off to Clas Ohlsen for some anchor chain and warp so we are equipped for the Pageant. 
Clas Ohlsen is a Swedish firm, a bit like Woolworths/Wilkinsons but has lots of stuff for boating and is relatively cheap too.  They are popping up all over the country and are well worth a visit if you need any boaty things.

While in Newbury I put my cards out for sale, and one gentleman said that I didn't have any cards for MEN.

So here you go.  I printed off the background from a clip image on a CD Rom that I had and matted it onto some silver card which was fixed to a white card blank.  The tank was then stuck over the background.

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