Thursday, 31 May 2012

Limehouse, Regent's Canal

 Lots of pictures today.

We were due into the lock at Teddington around 11 am and gradually the 4 other boats we were travelling with arrived. 

We discovered that we could get ourselves accredited for the Pageant (even without our boarding passes which were sent to Birmingham earlier this week).  We went down to the lock and found that the couple doing the accreditation were Sandy and David from Jacaranda.  So we had lots to catch up on.  Anyway, we managed with the invitation to the Pageant and our passports to get a turquoise wristband each which is stapled together so we can't take them off!

We all set off.  Leo No 2 has a very low bow and shipped lots of water.  Catherine has a great picture on her blog from a previous trip on the river.

You can see it here

The River was very quiet until you get to the Houses of Parliament.  Then the trip boats kick in and there are boats coming and going all over the place and it cuts the water up.

David having just negotiated Tower Bridge.  Through the middle arch again.  We won't be doing that in the Pageant as we are on the outside of 5 boats, so will be going through the South arch.

The tall ships had begun to moor up for the Avenue of Sail.  Such romantic boats.

Why is it that just as we get to the entrance to Limehouse lock there are boats coming up and down the river in both directions.  As we were waiting to go get in we were being swept downstream with the tide and the wind so it was full power to get back up and into the lock.  Still David didn't hit any sides (of course!)

The lock gates are almost a semi-circle each side and they don't have paddles - just open sideways slightly and the water rushes in.

Then they open it a bit more and it rushes down the side as well.

Finally they open the gates about 6 inches and the water shoots through until the levels meet.

Inside there were most of the 40 narrow and wide beam boats in our squadron and we were moored up about 6 boats out from the wall.

A briefing at 7pm and supper after.  The briefing took ages and seemed to bring up more problems than answers.  We were also given the good news that we would be leaving at 0530 tomorrow morning!!!!

So, we missed supper and went back to the boat to get some sleep to be ready tomorrow.

White card blank, holographic card, black card, chipboard stickers.  Nothing difficult here.

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