Monday, 30 April 2012

County Lock, River Kennet

Well, the sun was shining and the river was a bit high.  But hey! We've been here before.  The Thames in flood, the Trent in flood, the Ure in flood, the Kennet pretty high.  We've done it all.

The Brewery Gut was manic, the two bridge holes were difficult with the current of water and  when we got to County Lock we were met with rapids.
A quick decision - well no option really.  We had to moor up in the lock.  With the bottom paddles open there is about 4" of lock side (that is until some helpful person closed them and we didn't notice.  Suddenly there was 3" of water over the lock edges).  We called BW to let them know that we were there and two workers came to see us.  They reckoned we were safe enough and suggested we open the paddles.  Duh!!  Almost immediately the water drained back to about where it was when we started and we feel a lot better.  Still, I don't think we'll get much sleep tonight.

Shoot me if I go on a river again.  Please!

We were discovered by the BBC today.  We had not informed any media about our participation in the Queen's Jubilee Pageant, thought we might slip through the net.  But a list of participating boats  must have been issued and we were telephoned by Bernadette of BBC West Midlands Radio.  They want to interview us during the parade.

A matted photo of an Old English Sheepdog on a white card blank and a stripy ribbon wrapped around the side and tied in a knot.

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