Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Radford Semele, Grand Union

 Rain for most of the day, glad we decided to stay here for another day.

Eventually the sun came out and I set off to walk to Bascote Locks to see what was going on.  I failed and turned around after 4 locks.  The towpath was muddy and slippery, but I did see these violets.

Saw this sign at Radford bottom lock.  Didn't have any money on me, so didn't go and take a look to see what it was like.  Anywhere selling food near the cut is fine by me.

The hire boaters are out.  I met a guy in Radford bottom lock looking for a winding hole, so I was expecting to see him when I was walking back.  I did, he had just turned around again before the 3rd lock and was mooring up in the same spot he had left earlier, facing the same way.  What was that all about?

The reason Bascote Locks are closed is because they are fixing the leaks.  Need to do this one too. 

Why do BW always seem to make out that boaters are the ones wasting water when all they are trying to do is use a lock to continue on their journey?  How many lockfulls will come through this lock before the next boat comes along?

Finally got around to the "thank you" card for Kathy, for helping us down Farmer's Locks.

I matted the photo with silver and pink card and then made a floral panel and stripy panel the same sizes which I stuck onto a white card blank and a fan shape.

A scrap of sticky backed pink ribbon was stuck along the bottom of the card and the bow was made with two short pieces of organdie ribbon, tied in the middle with more pink ribbon.  (The organdie came from a hair scrunchie.)  I made a bunch of pink rosebuds and stuck then down with some glue dots and then added the bow with another glue dot.

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