Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Radford Semele, Grand Union

 Back at one of our favourite moorings.  Don't know why, but we always try to moor here.  (Might just be that we know we can get the satellite dish to work here and there was football on tonight).

The church here, which burnt down several years ago, is still being rebuilt.

 David interviewed the guy at Get Knotted for his series on canal traders for Canals and Rivers.  Quite a character and the dog.

David promised that I'd make a card for the young lad who visits the shop regularly.  So here it is.

I wrapped some blue paper around the spine of a white card blank and butted up a strip of silver paper that had one side cut with a Martha Steward punch.  I ran a strip of silver peel-off strip (which looked like rope) down the join.

The photograph was matted onto silver, blue and more silver card and stuck in the centre of the card and a corner of more peel-off that looks like rope.

As we went past the shop on the way to the pub I noticed the sign.  The centre is made from rope and the light bulb lit up.

We took a photo and I made 2 copies, cutting out the frame and the knot which I added to the base photo with sticky-fixers.

I used the same punch to make the strip at the back (which looks vaguely like rope work) and stuck it down the centre of a white card blank.

To finish off I tied a bow with some paper rope (couldn't find the hessian) and stuck it down with a glue dot.

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