Saturday, 17 March 2012

Berkhamsted, Grand Union

 About 9 o'clock last night we realised that we were listing quite badly.  The pound (which was over a 1/4 mile long) was down pretty low, so we upped sticks and went through the next lock.  This lock had the bottom gate open and a paddle up with a sign saying "please leave this lock empty with a paddle up".  So much for saving water. 

Consequently the next pound was pretty full (though only a very short one).  So we moored for the night on the lock landing and Soddem Hall!

 We had an early start, some pounds were full, some empty, most of the locks leaking like billyo.

The last pound before the Berkhamsed moorings was almost completely dry and the one above not much better.  There was a boat waiting to come up, but waited for us in the lock.  David scraped through with help from a little water from the pound above (only got stuck 4 times) and then the other boat went on up.

There was just one mooring left in Berkhamsed - the one left by the boat going up the lock. 

There are winter moorings here, but there also seem to be an awful lot of other boats who seem to have been here the full "14 days". 

And then it rained for most of the day.

There is a craft shop in Berkhamsed, so I had to take a peak, didn't I?  And they were having a demonstration day, so I popped back to let David know where I was going to be all afternoon and spent an enjoyable couple of hours learning some new techniques and spending some money on stash.

This card is using a photo of some Buckby cans on the roof of a boat.  I matted it onto silver card and then light pink and red card to match the colours on the cans.  I added 2 photo corners to the picture which had a pieced decoration on them.

I made another panel of pink and red card which I fixed to a square card blank and then added the photo panel.  Three red jewels were stuck on the bottom right hand corner to finish it off.

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