Friday, 16 March 2012

Below Cowroast Lock, Grand Union

 One of the Tring reservoirs.  Some had more water than others.

We were allowed up the locks at 10am.  There was a widebeam first, then a Spanish guy in a narrowboat (who we ended up helping through most of the locks) and then The Cheese Boat and us going up together.

We couldn't work out how we were saving any water by going at 10 rather than our usual start time of 6-7ish, but hey ho!

And, because the boats coming the other way could only leave Cowroast at 10 as well, there was a 3 mile pound before they reached the Marsworth top lock, so there were no boats coming down to help share the water. 

Most of the locks were leaking quite badly, but we scraped through without incident, meeting only one boat coming in the other direction.

We said goodbye to the Cheese Boat after Cowroast lock and moored up for the rest of the day.

A card for a boy.  I actually enjoy doing cards for boys/men.  Usually a scantily clad female does the trick!!

This one I bought as a kit, so it is a total cheat.  Just decopaged the bits onto the background and that was t.

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