Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Below Widewater Lock, Grand Union

Heap of the week?

Took the boat across the canal to the Tesco mooring and did a bit of shopping before we set off.  Another short day, only travelling 4 miles and 5 locks.

We met up with The Cheese Boat on their way back from London.  Of course, we met them too soon, I had not made the card they wanted, so I had to walk up to the Post Office at Harefield in the afternoon when I had finished it. 

I hadn't realized how useful the stop was.  Two convenience stores, Post Office, Chinese Takeaway, Fish and Chip Shop, Hairdressers (of course, you can always find a hairdressers) and a taxi office.  There is even a bus to Uxbridge.  Not forgetting the pub below the bridge.

A card for Grandad, or a retirement card.

The stuck a piece of check paper onto a blue card blank and the added the decoupaged figure and bits.

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