Sunday, 8 May 2011

Trafford Centre, Bridgewater Canal

 How to annoy a fisherman.  Travel in a convoy of 6 boats.

Today was going to be a nice easy run to the Trafford Centre where we could meet up with David's Sister, Brother-in-Law and their Grandson and David could watch the match on the TV.

No such luck.  We got to the Barton Swing Bridge at 0745 and it was SHUT!!!  No stoppage notice, no warning, no notice at all and there were four boats moored up in front of us, and they had been there all night.  One since 5pm.

We phoned Lil and Joe to let them know we were the wrong side of the bridge, so they knew where to find us and they arrived at about 10am.

Finally, at 1130 the bridge opened.  By now there were 7 boats waiting to go through.  Apparently, they closed the bridge yesterday for the ferry to leave and the bridge broke.  They worked on it all night and, fortunately, just after the ferry returned, the bridge was working again.  Yeah!  Believe that one.  Been here before.  The bridge closed on us just as we were entering it, they bridge keeper said that there was a boat going down the Manchester Ship Canal and it would only be a while.  Four hours later, he came back and another ship went through and we were finally allowed to go on our way again.

A bonus for five year old Ethan though, he got a ride on the boat and enjoyed saying goodbye to Grandad, and then seeing him go over the road bridge in the car as we went over our swing bridge, and then waive hello to him when we got here.

Two cards, same idea, using plastic dolphins.

The first one uses three squares of cards and three circles with the dolphins stuck on.  The squares are arranged in a vertical panel with strips of peel-off making a frame and a plastic heard in the four corners.

This one has one long panel with three squares of card and the dolphins stuck directly onto the squares.

Both cards used blue card blanks.

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