Sunday, 1 May 2011

Salthouse Dock, Liverpool

 We were all up early to get to the top of the Stanley Locks for 8 o'clock.  The two lock keepers arrived and we started descending the locks.  The first 6 boats had to wait in Stanley Dock for the 9 boats who were coming the other way as there is not enough room in the link for boats to pass.  The first 8 boats came through in twos and someone shouted out to the last one "are you the last?" To which he replied yes.  No 9th boat!  So we set off to the first link lock where we were locked through, and then onto the second one where we were locked through again.

We negotiated the twists and turns through the various docks and finally arrived in Salthouse dock to be greeted by lots of swimmers!!!

We were all safely moored up by 11am and ready to hit the town.

Not quite the sea, but almost as near as you can get by canal.

I coloured the stamped image with watercolour pencils and matted it onto shiny green, white and lilac paper.  It was then fixed onto the white card blank.

I threaded some acetate shell confetti onto some green wool and wrapped it around the spine of the card, tying the ends in a bow.

A starfish topper was stuck in the bottom right hand corner.

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