Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Barbridge, Shropshire Union Canal

 What makes you think this boat is moored close to two hire boat companies?

Another early start and through the Middlewich locks before too many boats (only one following us), and down the Middlewich Branch.

We moored up at the empty moorings in Barbridge and I took the bus to Chester.  When I got back the moorings were full and Waterwitch was behind us.

This is a very early card of mine.  I made lots as they were very popular, but I have not made any more for about 6 years now.

I used a template to make to bodice with handmade paper, edging the collar with a silver  pen.  The skirt is made from a circle of net which is folded into 4 and the pointy end stitched to make the pleats before fixing it to the back of the bodice.  I then added two silver bows for decoration.

The dress was then fixed onto some blue handmade paper which has been torn into a long rectangle and this was fixed to a long white card blank.

I added some sparkly stars for extra decoration.

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