Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Kirklees Top Lock. Calder and Hebble Navigation

 It isn't getting any better.  We came back down the Huddersfield Locks and back onto the River Calder.  As we got to the first lock I noticed that the bottom paddles were all up.  Good, I thought, someone is coming down.  I got off the boat, walked up and noticed that the top paddles were also all up!!!  There was a BW work boat in the lock and the pound above it was empty.  They were working on the lock gates.

So we tied up for three hours to await the work being finished and the pound being filled.

Some good news though, a boat was coming down and they did most of the first lock for us, and of course they had left the gates open on the top lock so we could just go straight in.

We saw our first ducklings today.

There was a stoppage posted on the Internet.  On the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.  Glad we decided not to try it.

A lovely atmospheric photo of boats and a bridge.  I matted it onto silver and green card.

I cut one side of some blue card with scalloped scissors and pricked a row of dots along it before Wrapping some green ribbon around the other edge.  This I stuck to the right hand side of a white card blank.

The photo was then placed over the top of the panel and a metal photo clip stuck down on the bottom left hand corner of the photo.

I punched out some green leaves and stuck them down on the bottom of the card and then added two silk hydrangea flowers.

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