Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Huddersfield, Huddersfield Broad Canal

 What a day!  It started when we noticed that we had scrapped the paint of the bow flare messing up the sign writing.  Then we caught the front fender in the lock and broke it off (that's the third time this trip).  There was a lot of rubbish in the canal and we managed to get this mattress filling wrapped around the propeller.  It all came up through the weed hatch!   Then 5 locks up we met Hug coming down.  They had abandoned their plan to traverse the Huddersfield Narrow Canal after spending 4 hours doing 4 locks and finding the next 1 mile pound empty.

When we got into Huddersfield we phoned BW for some advice - all they would say was that the canal is open, but there is very little water in it.  So we decided to turn around and try for the Rochdale tomorrow.

The best part was that we met up with Janet, a dear friend and designer of our boat.  She took us home to see the dogs and then took us out to lunch.

I finally tried a diamond fold card.  It was surprisingly easy (after the initial mess up with the folds).

I covered the base and the front with patterned paper and then added a diamond of pink pearlescent paper on the front.  The toppers were free with one of the magazines.

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