Sunday, 5 December 2010

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

Sorry about the silence. I didn't even get off the boat for 5 days except for my daily swim in the Hyatt.

Not too much snow, but we have been iced in for a few days. It rained yesterday and most of the snow melted, so we took the opportunity to sail around the Sherborne Wharf for a £9 pumpout. It is going to be cold again tonight and we will probably be frozen in again.

We got a visit from the "Head of Boating", Sally Ash regarding our mooring on Thursday. The reason for our having to move has changed from the original "The other company have a Planning Permission for our mooring" to "It is in the public good" (whatever that is - there are signs on the pontoons saying "Private". It now looks like we are going to have a pontoon built for us on the opposite side of the Worcester Bar. But when is another matter. So we have cancelled the complaints procedure (for now anyway). At least we can sleep at night again, not having to wonder what will happen to us.

I made this card for Mike, not on his boat though. I started off with a green card blank and used the Cuttlebug to emboss some white card with a snowflake folder. I cut out the aperture using a Nestabilities die and stuck the photograph behind it. I added some green ribbon towards the bottom, tucking it behind the embossed card and two green snowflakes in the top right hand corner of the photograph.

Finally, I printed out the Season's Greetings sentiment and matted it onto silver and green card before stick it to the bottom of the card.

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