Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Gas Street Moorings, Birmingham

Yesterday afternoon David heard that familiar "pop, pop, pop" and looked out to see this working boat heading towards the lock.

It was one of the BW working boat volunteer boats collecting money for BBC's Children in Need

They moored up by the Gormet Burger Bar.

The weather has been really lovely during the day, blue skies and sunshine; but frosty in the morning. Tom has sprinkled the first lot of sand and grit on the moorings to stop us all slipping.

As Christmas is coming you get two Christmas cards. (I have got that many in the folder I'll never get to show them all.)

This one is a large white square one. I wrapped some red ribbon around the bottom of the card and then added a large music cleft with shiny green holly leaves and red berries. I think it started off as a cracker ornament or for a Christmas Tree. I printed out the sentiment and name using a music font and matted them both before adding them to the card with sticky fixers.

This one is made using a light green card blank. I wrapped some sparkly tartan ribbon around the top half and then added a table decoration using glue dots. I had to make a box for this one.

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