Monday, 14 June 2010

Devizes, Kennet & Avon Canal

Two sights today. David didn't notice the head sticking out of the back of this boat. He was having his breakfast fag.

And this one is on a 48 hour visitor mooring. Notice the stuff on the towpath and the duck house. Some 48 hours!

It was a very early start as we had an appointment with Richard at Devizes Marina to look at the gearbox. It is only 10 1/4 miles but it took us 3 3/4 hours because there are so many boats moored precariously along the towpath that you can hardly get out of tick-over.

The "o" ring was replaced, along with oil in the gearbox and we managed to just squeeze into a space on the moorings at Devizes wharf at 1pm.

A sunny, sunflower. That is to remind us that it is June, and it is Summertime, and there should be sunshine. But there isn't.

The card began with a silk sunflower, bought in a bunch from a charity shop. I cut off the back and stuck it onto a die-cut circle and then stuck that onto a white hammered card blank.

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