Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Above Kidlington Green Lock, Oxford Canal

Left in the drizzly mist at 0500, and surprised the owner of the Somerton Deep Lock as he left for his walk down the towpath to pick up his car.
We stopped around 0845 at Tackley for a rest and left again at 1045 in bright sunshine.
Just as I was about to open the lift bridge at Thrupp and voice called out "Hello Mr David". It was Maffy He helped me lift the bridge, but David was shouting something and the boat was going backwards.
Apparently a brass bolt thingy had sheered on the gear lever. We managed to get the boat moored up on the landing for the lift bridge. Not exactly the most convenient place to stop, but we had no choice, it was there or the waterpoint.
Sandwiches for Annies Tea Rooms by the wharf, and a sit in the sun to await River Canal Rescue and jumping up to lift the bridge for boats passing through.
The engineer was there by 5, the bolt was replaced and 15 minutes later we set off again. Of course, by now the one vacant mooring outside the cottages in Thrupp was gone so we came on here.
The sunshine today has really brought everything out. We saw cygnets, moorhen chicks, dragonflies, wild roses and elderflowers. The smells were delicious.
One of the cards I made for Caroline's birthday present (cheepskate). The shoe die-cut was made from a shiny embossed card. I stuck it onto a white card base. Then I wrapped some lilac ribbon around a narrow piece of card the same height as the card base and tied one in knot.
Finally, I printed out the sentiment in a font with bubbles and fixed it under the shoe.

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