Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Wiggins Hill Bridge, Birmingham and Fazeley Canal

We awoke this morning to sunshine - AND NO ICE!!! So we set off at 7am and it was up the Curdworth Locks and by 1030 we were moored up between the pub and the winding hole. About the nearest you can get to the Milnworth Locks before hitting Birmingham head on.

The engine seems to be behaving itself, no piercing whistle to let us know it was overheating, thank goodness.

And after several days of sunshine, there are definite signs of spring in the air. Grass shoots, catkins and lambs tails, and even a daisy or two.

Finally, after switching on the computer and seeing the stoppages emails. It seems the stoppage at Hopwas is now finished (early) and we could have gone that way today. Hey Ho!

The card began with a hammered, blue card base.

The topper came from Lakeland Ltd (when they did card stuff). It consists of a small postcard, a photograph of a glass of beer, a sheet of vellum, a small tag with a button stuck to it and all kept together by a small peg. It is all stuck down with sticky-fixers.

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