Friday, 9 October 2009

Melling Stone Bridge, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Rounding a corner we came across this structure
in a field. To the left of it there are lots of poles and then further on there was a stone henge and lots of wooden carving and structures. Bizarre or what?

We didn't have far to go today as we are due to meet the BW guys tomorrow at Bridge 10. We just went through the 5 wing bridges in Melling and stopped just after bridge 11.

Later on we were passed by "Tottleworth" which must be the other boat that is going down to Liverpool tomorrow.

I have made quite a few cards using this photograph. They were lock wheeling for charity at the 3 locks (can't remember their names, but there is a pub at the middle one) on the Grand Union.

This one I matted onto silver, white and red card. Then I matted some blue card onto silver and tied a polka dot red ribbon around it before fixing it to the white base card. The picture was then fixed over the top left hand corner. Finally, I added two sets of red gems to the two sides.

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