Thursday, 8 October 2009

Haskayne, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

I actually took this photograph yesterday. The pheasant was walking along the parapet of the bridge just like the Famous Grouse grouse in the advert. Quite comical.
Not travelling far today, so it was a late start (for us) at 8.15. The sun was shining and it was really warm. We didn't even need a fire today.
This part of the canal is really pretty. The towpath side is lined with stones and the towpath has been mowed right up to the edge - so no sprained ankles when jumping onto the bank from the boat and finding the hole or getting stung up to the knees with nettles.
Most of the bridges are also made of stone and have a pointy arch unlike most of the bridges on the system.
There have been very few boats on the move. Today we only had one plastic, one Springer and the Pride of Sefton go past. We are supposed to be going down into Liverpool with another boat, we we have had no sign of it yet.

Yet another one in the personalised Christmas card set. This one has a sparkly lilac candle with silver holly leaves.
I have tied some ribbon through the holly wreath charm and stuck it onto the card with a couple of glue dots.

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