Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Wenbury, Llangollen Canal

You can tell we're back on the Llangollen. You can surf the by-washes!

Someone in this family said; "Why don't we do the Llangollen in September after the kids have gone back to school. It'll be quiet then."

Well! I got than wrong.

Still, the Dusty Miller is still selling great food and we stopped for Lunch. On the way to the village shop David noticed that the Cotton Arms was showing the football than night - so we spent the night there.

After lunch I popped into the Chandlers to see if the new Canals and Rivers was in. It was. It was quite a shock. There is a photo on the front of a couple of boats coming up the Caen Flight in Devizes. One lovely blue boat, and stood by the lock is this little fat person with her hands on her hips.

David even has 3 articles: Our new washing machine in the boat, the pub review and a news item. Then on the last page there is another photograph, this time the Hatton flight, and there is this little fat person again, stood at the lock.

Still not internet connection.

Here's one for the boys. A stamped and hand coloured couple of dudes and a skate board. I mounted them onto green and red card and them onto another green panel which is then fixed with a couple of brads onto a red panel. Two more brads were pushed through the other corners and this larger panel is then fixed to a white card blank.

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