Thursday, 14 May 2009

Skipton, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Having discussions with several lock keepers yesterday we all came to the same conclusion. There are hardly any ducklings and cygnets around so far this year. Then today we saw three swan families, a goose and gosling. and loads and loads of ducklings!!

This black swan lives at the top of the locks at Bingley.

We are now back in Skipton for a bit of R&R. Ian is going to sort out the toilet (hopefully) and tighten the fan belt (which David tightened a couple of days ago and is worse now than before he started). So with luck we might get home without anything else going wrong.

I have not made a new card for so long. This one must be about 5 years old. I fixed the pink rose onto a piece of silver card and added a pink sheer bow. I then matted this onto another piece of silver card before fixing it to the yellow card blank.

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Kevin and Linda said...

Hi Brenda and David,
We've seen loads of ducklings, a few goslings but no cygnets yet, the swans are still sitting on their nests. Hope you get your bits and bobs fixed soon. I can't imagine life without a toilet! By the way we arrived in Gas Street Basin this afternoon and all is well. We're moored where you recommended as Symphony court is full. Check out where we've been at
Best wishes to you both,
Kevin and Linda
N.B. Tranquility