Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Brunthwaite Swing Bridge, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Have you noticed how some years different flowers seem to proliferate. Two years ago there was an abundance of wild orchids. Last year it was violets. This year it's bluebells. Or, maybe we just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

We left at 0800 and shared all the locks and swing bridges with Bowman and Jan on Rivendell, managing to get here and moored before the rain.

Speaking to a couple of lock keepers today, they were saying that the canal was very quiet at the moment and that there were no movements at all through the locks at Bingley on Monday. But even so, the number of boat movements this year was already up by 50%. Odd! Though, we have seen several boats moving today, especially above the locks. This included friends on Ellie May who of course, were going in the opposite direction.

Two cards here - both using the same picture which is of one of the of one of the three-risers around here. Can't work out which one, but I am sure someone will tell me.

This one began with a green and white marbled type card. I stamped the red band and cut one side with fancy scissors. The photograph was matted onto silver and red card and also cut with the same scissors. I added three red cardboard dots on the left hand side and a paper daisy to the top right hand corner of the photograph.

On this one, the picture was matted onto silver, red and green card and fixed over a red and white dotted ribbon with a knot on the right hand side. Two corners have faux green photo clips fixed to them.

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