Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Park Bridge No 8, Shropshire Union Canal

We passed two boats today. One had a sign in the window saying "Licence in the Post". The old licence in the window ran out in March 2009. Then the second one had a licence which ran out in October 2008. Now I know the Post Office have a few problems. But they usually manage to get the mail delivered within a couple of days. Or is it BW being tardy?

Following Doris , this morning, we came upon a skip floating across the channel. We managed to get it into the bank and re-tied it up with the knots they used for rope. Doris then set off and we waited for a boat to pass travelling in the opposite direction - then we set off - at which the knots broke again and the skip swung around across the channel yet again. Suffice to say, we left it this time.

We queued for diesel at Wheaton Aston (only 3 boats today, and we were No 2), and then cruised on to the visitor moorings at Park Bridge for the rest of the day ready for the locks tomorrow.

I don't usually make DL cards - mainly because they are more difficult to store. I printed the words: Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live. Then I covered the bottom of the card with stripy paper. I tied a ribbon with a bow along the join and then added three yellow gems in the bottom left hand corner.

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