Monday, 25 May 2009

Market Drayton

We had the Audlum locks all to ourselves (starting at 5am) and they were all for us! There were lots of boats moored up again - apparently there was a festival on in the town.

We were too early for a newspaper from the new Co-op, so we went on and up. At the lock where there are usually some flowers and fruit or veg for sale, there was just this sign!

I thought I heard a cuckoo this morning. Then I heard a pigeon and now I'm not so sure.

We went on up through the Adderley Locks and stopped in Market Drayton for water and a pump out, then moored up at the visitor moorings for the rest of the day.

Something for someone going off to a new school (teacher or pupil). Our daughter needed lots of these. She went to 1 American school, 1 English school and 1 Scottish school before finally going off to boarding school in Somerset at the tender age of 7 1/2! I know it seems cruel, but I couldn't bear leaving her at the school gates all on her own yet again and she then stayed at her boarding school until she was 18.
I cut some gingham paper with wavy scissors and then matted it onto silver paper and cut in the same way. Then I added the ready-made toppers. I printed the sentiment off on the computer and matted that up with the gingham paper and silver card. This time doing the stamp edged scissors. The insert read "Good Luck!)

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