Saturday, 16 May 2009

Hulber Hill, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Just about to go through Highgate Swing Bridge with a view of the dales behind. It is 0715 and a glorious day.

Then it all went ratsh*t. We had had a Waterscape notice about the Barrowford Locks being closed until 10am and the notice did say from Barrowford Bottom Lock to Holme Bridge Lock. What I hadn't twigged was that Holme Bridge Lock is the bottom of the Gargrave Locks.

So we arrived at 0730 to discover everything that could be locked up was and we had a 2 1/2 hour wait. Of course, by then it was raining hard.

I had planned a trip into Gargrave whilst David got water and emptied the porta-potti etc. But as we had joined up with another boat and they were going on through we tagged along and I missed visiting that lovely shop, and getting some food in.

We shared the locks in sunshine and showers with either Heather or Tiberton, a hire boat, and had help from lock keepers on all but one lock through the Gargrave and Bank Newton Locks. So now we are back on "the bends" amongst the sheep and curlews. Bliss.

I forgot to mention. Having asked David if we needed diesel in Skipton I was told that we had half a tank. Just after the second swing bridge out of Skipton the engine died!!!

Jolly/Paper Nation have some lovely decoupage figures. This couple with their new baby is so sweet. I matted it onto blue and silver card and fixed it to a white card blank.

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