Monday, 18 May 2009

Fosters Swing Bridge, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Another blustery day. David brought me a cup of tea while I was still in bed and set off at 0530 while I snoozed until we got to Gannow Tunnel.

We were planning to go a bit further today, but there was a mutiny at the back and we are now moored to the bollards up here.

I must say, I do love this spot. We have been watching the weather roll over the landscape, now sunshine, now rain, now sunshine again.

We seem to be back in the quiet end of the canal. There were lots of boats on the move yesterday, yet today we have only seen 3 boats, and they are all travelling in the same direction as us.

Two gypsy ponies, photographed when we went down the River Nene several years ago. I matted the photograph onto white and green card. I wrapped some

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