Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Wheaton Aston, Shropshire Union

We have been out of range with our Vodafone dongle thingy for a couple of days so this post and the next one are backdated.

A beautiful sunny day. We set of at 0830 and arrived at Wheaton Aston at 1000. Only 2 boats on the water points and one on the pumpout station, but he was moving off. We did a pumpout and then moored on the first available 48 hr mooring by the winding hole.

A walk into the village to see if the French Restaurant was still there – unfortunately not, but the local shop was going strong (last time we were here it was closing down).

Moving on - A slight contradiction in terms? – securely moored on a ½ hr waterpoint mooring – though it did move on later on in the afternoon, so perhaps not.

A decoupaged card for a new mum. She actually looks spookily
like my niece who had a baby last January!

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