Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Park Bridge, Shropshire Union Canal

A very early start (6.30) to get down the locks before the rain set in.

A hot bacon and egg banjo (army term for sandwich) at the stall between locks 9 and 10 and then surprise, surprise, a new bridge at lock 17. Thank you BW for thinking of the poor lock worker having to cross the lock hanging onto a wet paddle shaft by one hand and carrying a windlass in the other.

Oh! no they haven't. It is for their non-fee paying customers to help them cross the lock without balancing on the wet paddle shaft by one hand. Sod the boaters. You can't even get through past the open lock gates.

We managed to make it to the mooring before the rain really set in, and boy did it rain. I was oblivious to most of it though, I slept most of the afternoon. 22 locks are much harder than they were 10 years ago!

A very pretty card which is a stamped and hand painted iris mounted onto yellow and lilac card and lilac organdie ribbon.

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CraftyLin said...

Hi Brenda,

Lovely to meet you Saturday, what an eventful day we had in the end, the chap on the graffitti boat appeared not long after I left you, had been away shopping and left his engine running, all night and most of the day - most strange.

After we filled with water by The Cube we started back towards Alvechurch and our home mooring, reached almost to Birmingham Uni and encountered a cabin cruiser straddling the canal and the owner in the canal floundering about. With the help of some passers by managed to get him out of the water and helped him to change his clothes for dry things. He was quite badly disabled and only had the use of one arm, goodness knows why he was out on his own. The boat conked out and in trying to reach the shore he fell in.

We towed the boat as far as Birmingham Uni and he phoned his mate to come and rescue him, all the while we were trying to round up his Yorkshire Terrier which had gone awol too.
The passers by who kindly helped out lived at Alvechurch and were out on their bikes so they accepted a lift on our boat plus their bikes back to their home beside the Crown Inn pub. So more new friends.

Who says canal life is dull.......!!

Anyway here is the address for cards for the troops

Jacqui Wood
31 Butt Park Road

Kind regards