Saturday, 14 March 2009

Lymm, Bridgewater Canal

I thought Friday 13th was supposed to be the unlucky day. Not so. Saturday 14th can be worse.

We set off for Lymm with high hopes then David noticed that the batteries were not re-charging. We have been having trouble with readings and stuff (techie things). We stopped at Thorne Marine but they were not interested in helping us so we went on to Lymm, moored and I went for a paper. David phoned RCR but they couldn't/wouldn't help. So we went on to the two boatyards past Lymm. Again, one was closed and the other one thought I was mad for thinking that they might be open and might help us!! So I phoned Claymore Boats at Preston Brook and the man said that he was on his own at present but we could bring the boat in on Monday.

So we winded the boat at Bollington and came back into Lymm for the night. We had to let the fire go out (needs electricity to pump the water through the radiators), switched off the fridge, and sat in blankets and read by candlelight - very romantic.

We have had to cancel visits from 2 more of David's family because we didn't know where we would be. And on top of all that MU lost 1-4 to Liverpool at home!!! Can things get worse?

Let's hope tomorrow is better.....

A decoupaged card. You can't see it but there are about 3 layers on the Mini.

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