Friday, 13 March 2009

Dutton Stop Lock (nearly), Trent and Mersey

Today we were messed about by BW three times!

1st: at Anderton Services. They were recovering the towpath with wet, white chalky stuff. I jumped off the boat to get rid of the rubbish and David suggested we top up with water, but thought better of it. So back onto the boat. The ropes were covered in the white stuff and so were our shoes. We now have white marks all over the boat.

2nd: at SaltersfordTunnel. We had to wait for 3 boats at Barnton Tunnel so we were too late for the time slot at Saltersford. BW were putting in drainage pipes so we could not tie up while we waited the 40 mins before we could go through. We watched them throw stones into the cut, cut off pieces of plastic tubing and anything else they could think of. I suppose they will have a job dredging next!.

3rd: We always try and stop on the pilings just before Dutton Stop Lock. BW had very kindly dredged, but put all the mud on the towpath side so that we had 4" of sticky wet mud to step into to tie up. So we now have muddy footprints to go with the white chalky ones.

Rant over. We passed a new football stadium at Wincham where the Manchester United Reserves play so we were not worthy - though Michael might think it was another team that we are not worthy of (see yesterday's comment).

A symphony of blue and green. Matted photo, blue ribbon, silver peel-offs and stamped motive.

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