Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Bramble Cutting. Trent and Mersey Canal

Nearly a day to justify the red sky last night. It started out very cold this morning but got milder and the sun almost came out several times.

The usually busy Middlewich Branch was really quiet - we only met one boat and that was on a skew bridge - of course!

The picture is of Stanhorne Lock. Too high I couldn't get over it and too low I couldn't get under it. My fault, I'm short and fat!

There was work going on by British Towpaths all along the canal at Middlewich. There was a workboat in the top lock and the driver having a sandwich and cup of tea (the one between the 9 o'clock start one and elevenses) but he moved out when he saw us and he had also left all the gates open for us on the way down.

Middlewich was almost eerily quiet and I checked on the stoppages to see if we were going to be held up. But no. Just quiet. I was let off the boat by the visitor moorings for a quick trip to Tesco and met up again with David while he was emptying the Big Lock.

We finally found all the boats - there are 4 here 2 on the Bramble Cutting and 2 on the moorings almost opposite.

A white hammered card with a silver 3-aperture frame. In each aperture is a different coloured silk ribbon rose.

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Michael Scowcroft said...

Don't forget that if you are carrying on along the Trent & Mersey towards Runcorn that you will pass the hallowed ground of Wincham Park on your left. This is the current home ground for Runcorn Linnets that they share with Witton Albion, until they can get a ground back in Runcorn.