Thursday, 26 February 2009

Gas Street

The umbilical cord still holds us fast to the mooring. It was far too cold to stand on the back of the boat when you didn't have to. Maybe tomorrow.... (sigh!)

After a very busy weekend we were looking forward to starting out again. On Saturday David's youngest sister and husband paid a surprise visit and then on Sunday one of his nieces and her family popped by after visiting the Sealife Centre.

On Monday after a trip to Waitrose (where David bought 3 bottles of wine, fortunately) and I had started, yet again, to reline a pair of curtains we were entertaining a famous international classical/jazz violinist and 4 Bulgarian musicians! By the time they left they had drunk the wine and I had not relined another pair of curtains. Had to go back to Waitrose and get more wine.

A farewell lunch with Caroline on Wednesday and with the cupboards groaning (not too many shops along the Shroppie) and we were ready to set off today. NOT.

These are the 5 cards that I made for Bruno showing Calthrop, the boat he is living on at the moment in the basin. Nothing special, but just shows you what you can do with a couple of photographs.

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