Thursday, 19 February 2009

Gas Street

Two days of almost balmy weather. The urge to be out and cruising is getting stronger and stronger. We WILL be off soon.

The first "gathering of the moorers" this evening - a beer each and a good gossip.

This boat has been on a 48 hr mooring for so long that it has been graffitied. There was no sign of a licence either. AND no little notices from BW either!

This is the card for the 10th birthday of a half-Italian, basketball fan. There were some great posters on the web that I couldn't choose.

I covered the inside with spotty paper and cut out a six-sided star on the CraftRobo in silver and a smaller one in blue. This was scored to make it pop up when the card is open. An arc with a circle at the end was then cut out and stuck to the star and a basketball stuck in the circle.

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