Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Tamhorn Park Bridge

Couldn't resist a photo of this sign. The laminated paper one is actually covering the metal one that is fixed underneath. They both say and picture exactly the same thing!!

We managed the Curdworth Flight in 2 bits, stopping after Lock 7 last night and then doing the rest this morning.

There had been a car in the cut at Drayton Manor Bridge, but as we arrived there were lots of BW and a big skip type lorry with a crane and lots of muddy water - so we missed all the fun.

After shopping in the little Tesco at Fazeley we headed on to the Coventry Canal stopping after Hopwass.

David has been putting his best photographs on a blog here and his travelogues here . He now has three blogs going, along with his Bernie The Bollard stories

We had a text from the IWA today wanting to know if I was interested in running a stall, selling my cards, at the IWA Festival during August Bank Holiday.
I thought about it, and against better judgement I have agreed, so I will be making cards like mad for the next couple of weeks and David will be moaning about lack of housework, food and attention.
This one started out as a yellow foam heart. I covered it in pretty white handmade paper with rose petals in it. I then mounted it onto pink mulberry paper and added a pink rose and ribbon. The final touch, three pink gems.

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