Monday, 4 August 2008

Minworth Greaves

Yes! We've escaped the joys of Birmingham. After all the fun with TV and Radio and hassle with noise from the bars and drunks, and then an obnoxious visitor on Pipe Dream who, when told that the mooring was private, told David to "F*** off!".

We set off early as usual but still got to Farmer's Bridge Top Lock just as a boat was going down. But with help from Albert we were soon on our way. The picture shows David trying to get back onto the boat under the tunnel in the bowls of Mawdor. Not easy with the barrier.

Lots seems to have happened since we were last out. There are now signs on all the locks showing a boat stuck on the cill, and some lovely new seats that BW have put by the locks on the Aston Flight. I don't think they are meant to be seats, but I cannot see any other use for these blocks of wood; though I understand they are for tying the boat up when you go up and down locks, though I thought you were not supposed to tie up your boat when you go up or down a lock.

Now for a card for Liz who will be 65. I was not allowed to put the age on the card, but the wording inside said: "If you were a man, you'd just be getting your pension!".

I stamped the roses onto watercolour paper and embossed them in gold, then coloured them in. Then it was matted onto white and gold card; then onto some white and gold tissue paper with a pink feather and finally onto some pink card which I edged with a gold pen. Half the white base card was covered in rosebud paper with a gold strip down the join and then I added the name of the recipient.

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