Thursday, 22 May 2008

Lyons Boatyard

Mr David without the windows. The work is going on well this side is now finished and the windows are back in situ and the other side is being worked on now.

I washed all the curtains and the linings were so old and worn that they have disintegrated in several places - more work. Then the fag of sewing all the buttons back on. Why, oh why did I chose such a complicated design? They do look pretty though.

So a trip into Solihull on several buses (I got on one going the wrong way and got lost) and into John Lewis to try and buy some more lining, but they don't sell the blue stuff there - so I might need a trip to London. Any excuse.

Now a birthday card for Frank, who was 14. I stamped the figure and accouterments (a GameBoy, CD player, skateboard and can of pop) onto watercolour paper and then coloured them with watercolours. Then I cut them out. I made a panel with distressed dotty paper matting it onto red and gold paper and another, smaller, one with just the red and gold paper. I then stuck them to a white card and stuck on the figure and stuff with sticky fixers. I then stamped the greeting, name and age.

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