Friday, 2 May 2008


Don't you just love this house? I'd be happy with just the boathouse though! It's on the bend at Shillingford with a fab view upriver.

We spent last night at Goring below the lock. There were lots of showers and the yellow boards went up. Then we left this morning at 6am with another boat (an ex lock-keeper). They only went to the next lock so we were on our own again.

After 6 hours we reached Abingdon and moored up by the park. Such a pretty town, pity the shops are so dire.

There are lots of boats about and the barbecues have come out (either that or the boat opposite has just caught on fire!). And Maffi and Bones have just moored up on the opposite bank.

This card was recycled. I originally bought the baby card while I was in Budapest (20 years ago) but never used it. It was looking a bit tatty so I cut out the "walnut shell" and flower and matted it onto blue card with sticky fixers. I then matted that card onto gold card and then onto a square white card.


MortimerBones said...

how lovely to see you moored nearby! I hope you are enjoying your travels, if you are still around later, do pop over!

Maffi said...

Hi Sorry I didnt get to meetup over that weekend. Nice to see bloggers out and about.