Wednesday, 30 April 2008


I can definitely say that my new locking gloves have been a success. After 112 locks and several swing bridges I don't have a blister or callous. I got then from Nautalica at Sunbury and wish I had bought two pairs.

Yesterday we set off for Reading and followed a boat with a crew that hadn't lowered most of the paddles and had left ALL the gates wide open. We caught up with them at Southcot Lock and even though they had seen us they just got back on the boat and set off - all paddles up and gates open. When I "thanked them" the bloke just said "Sorry!" I was so cross that when we caught up with them at Fobney I couldn't even look at them.

Arriving in Reading we managed to get the boat stuck across the river and needed the help of two lads from two of the other boats moored up. We had to set up a block and tackle to get the boat turned around. It just goes to show, after nine years of boating we can still make a simple mistake and get into real trouble.

It has rained all day - so we have not moved.

These two cards were made by using the same holographic peel-offs. The first one was stuck onto silver card, white card and lilac mulberry paper and then onto the card. A pink iridescent ribbon was then stuck across the bottom
The second one was stuck down onto white card, pink card, lilac card, purple card and white card and a lilac checked ribbon. Two lilac gems were then added to the bottom right hand corner.

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