Friday, 4 April 2008


We moved down, early, to the Brentford Basin so that I could do some shopping (what a dump). We then travelled down through the Gauging Lock with Sunrise and waited for the tide. At 1245 the lock opened and we were in the lock and out into the Thames in about five minutes. The trip up to Teddington was very pleasant. The weather was warm and sunny and we almost didn't need coats.

We were ushered through the lock at Teddington and moored up and I went back to get a licence to sail the boat on the River Thames - £32 per day!!! or £115 for 15 days. We only needed five days but it was cheaper to have 15. Work that one out. Plus another £5.50 for the mooring. No wonder we stick to the canals.

On the way up we saw the original "Swampy" He has moored his contraption in the tideway for years - I think there are no laws to move him on while he is moored away from the bank.

We also passed a heronry and two trees full of cormorants, plus of course the green parakeet birds that have now colonised the riverbank.

Still on the waterways theme - this card shows a picture of the back of a boat (stern) with two pairs of boots lined up by the back door (not too clear in the pic, sorry!). I mounted the picture on pink and silver card and onto a pink base card. I then added a waterlily stopper in the bottom right hand corner.

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