Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Tescos, Warwick

This is what a canal looks like when there is no water - MUD. It is the pound above Lock 22.

Yesterday we had to get some water so we winded (turned the boat around) and went back to the bottom of the Cape locks where we just managed to wind again which saved us having to go up the two locks and then come back down again. After getting the water we stopped off at Kate Boats to get some coal and, hopefully, someone to look at our electrics as we are having a problem, but there was no one there to help (what a surprise!). So it was on to next door and Delta Marine. There they said they were very, very busy, but if we waited they would have a look. Three hours later a man came and looked, said it was a loose wire and charged us £42 for the privilege. We moored up outside Tesco and did a shop and as we could get the TV from the spot we moored at we decided to stay.

Today, Slowhand moored up behind us. They had returned to above the locks at The Cape which is why I hadn't seen them when I walked up to Fosse Lock on Sunday.

I have spent most of the day finishing off lots of cards that were half made. I just have to photograph them now.
This one was made from a freebie from a magazine, matted onto pink and purple card. I used 2 rows of peeloff roses along the top and bottom.

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