Monday, 10 March 2008

Leamington Spa

A photo of the offending lock. I walked up to it yesterday as the weather was so lovely. There was no work going on at the time but the bottom gates have been removed. There doesn't appear to be a lot of boats waiting to go through and I didn't pass Slowhand, so I don't know whether they got through on Friday or not.

There was a lot of wind and rain in the night and the towpath is full of puddles.

I took a bus ride into Rugby for something to do but came scuttling back to the boat as it is quite cold out.

Still on a birthday theme: This little fellow (bought in a charity shop) was fixed to the card with freezer twists (I put a big safety notice in with it). I started with a red card and added a strip of silver, then a piece of star paper matted onto blue paper. The No 1 was made from the silver paper and matted onto the star paper and then the blue paper and I printed the "happy birthday" and the child's name onto silver paper and matted it onto the blue.