Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Near Ivinghoe

One very long day and then today, another short one as it has started raining.

The picture shows sunrise as seen from my bed. The clouds captured the sun seconds later and we never saw it again all day!

We are now trying to get to London for next Monday as Caroline will be attending an "induction course" there for her new job (they seem to think she is Australian as that is where she last worked).

Yesterday we had to "rescue" Natterjack from Hillmorton. It was lying across the canal with only one spike still in the ground. We managed to push it back to it's mooring and re-insert the front spike and centre one, but they were not very secure and the boat will probably float free when the next boat goes past. Why do people leave their precious, expensive boats so insecure?

This is one of the cards that I have just "titivated". A photograph of some primroses, matted onto yellow card and then onto a white hammered card.

I decided this was a bit too plain so I added a yellow ribbon and bow. What do you think? Should I have left it as it was or have I improved it?

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