Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Buckby Top Lock

I presume we are moored at the home of the Buckby Can but I can see no references to it anywhere.
This looks like a lovely peaceful spot doesn't it? The picture isn't too clear at this resolution, but on the left is the man railway line and on the right is the M1. It is far from quiet!!

We travelled up the Braunston locks with Heron and I managed to get some lovely "home baked" bread from the shop at the bottom lock. Well worth a stop. They bake them individually so there is always a fresh loaf, well worth a visit.

But we have "stuffed up" again, or BW have this time. There are two locks in front of us which have not opened yet although they should have been on the 8th March. So we are stuck here at Buckby Wharf until tomorrow afternoon. And what is worse, the farm shop is closed too - hope it's not permanent.

Another one of my "age" cards and made just the same way as the last one.

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