Thursday, 10 January 2008

Gas Street, Birmingham

This little fellow arrived in Birmingham in 2006 and has been living among the Canada geese, ducks and two immature swans that we have here. It is a bit shy and seems to stay around the NIA area and doesn't venture down as far as the moorings.

We are still having fireworks on the moorings, though, hopefully, it will quieten down soon.

We visited the furniture store where we originally bought our chairs, the wait time for a new one will be 6-10 weeks. Looks like David will be stuck on the fold-up chair for some time. The other David on the moorings is going to try and fix the broken one, or we will try at the boatyard when we get our bottom blacked at the end of February.

This little bear is made from resin. I stuck it onto to some lilac mulberry paper with sticky fixers and then some turquoise torn paper. I stuck gem flowers in each corner of the paper and a silk daisy in the bottom right hand corner. The base card is lilac. Because the glue has gone brown and spread into the paper it has spoiled the card I have had to dismantle it and will have to try again with new paper and card - though I am sure nothing much will go to waste.

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